The Awesome Mitten - Brewery Vivant's Zaison

Brewery Vivant: Zaison Pre-Release Party

The Awesome Mitten - Brewery Vivant's Zaison
Photo by Kristin Coppens

What better way to celebrate summer’s quick approach than with a summer beer release? Our friends at Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids invited us to their Zaison Pre-Release Party on Sunday, April 1st, and the party was a hit for newcomers and Monk Clubbers alike.

“We moved here from Holland and wanted it to be local,” said Jason Spaulding, owner and manager of Brewery Vivant. “We love the feel of the neighborhood and making good beer these people can enjoy.”

Spaulding and his head brewer, Jacob Derylo, are dedicated to maintaining a local, neighborhood focus within their brewhouse. Specifically, the “Monk Clubbers” mug club provides a feeling of camaraderie; at the Pre-Release, everyone seemed to know one another.

April is the perfect month in which to celebrate Zaison. The Zaison brew mixes an orange peel flavor, Tellicherry Black Peppercorns, and the idea of sunshine and warmth into a well-rounded nine percent.

“It is the beginning of spring,” said Derylo, “The Zaison is a fun beer.”
To maintain and enhance the feeling of connectivity that has become the Vivant trademark, Spaulding spent the afternoon running around the outdoor patio talking to attendees, embracing the excitement that clearly overflowed from everyone involved.

The Awesome Mitten - Brewery Vivant's Zaison

Their proud, local belief system keeps Spaulding and Derylo grounded; they continuously stress their desire to cap their brewing ventures at Brewery Vivant in order to maintain that perfect atmosphere . They make smaller quantities of their brews in order to keep their regulars coming back for more.

The Zaison Pre-Release Party ran from 3:00pm to 6:00pm on the outdoor patio at Brewery Vivant. With music, $2.00 brats, and lively games of “bags” all afternoon, the party succeeded in creating a sense of community for its’ Monk Clubbers and media friends alike.  Stay tuned for more information on Brewery Vivant’s many new and well-loved releases in the upcoming months, along with news on their summer cookouts and specials via their Facebook page.

~Kristin M. Coppens, Media Relations Director

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