Brewery Vivant Makes It Official, Announces Collaboration with New Belgium Brewing

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August 8th, 2012

Grand Rapids, Michigan – The rumors have been swirling, and today Brewery Vivant is confirming their collaboration beer with the nation’s 3rd largest craft brewer, New Belgium Brewing of Ft. Collins, CO. The launch will coincide with New Belgium’s availability for the first time ever in the state of Michigan August 27th. If one needed more evidence that the beer industry here is viable and growing, look no further.

A chance visit by a couple of New Belgium Brewing staff to Vivant’s pub put in motion this friendly cross industry collaboration project. “Our common sustainability goals, open book management and focus on Belgian inspired beer gave us a lot to talk about. Our companies are drastically different sizes but that is what makes our industry so unique. This collaboration reflects the common respect that each of us have for craft beer and the people who make it.”, said owner Jason Spaulding. New Belgium brewed over 700,000 barrels in 2011 compared to Vivant who brewed 1,800 barrels. “At one point while visiting their brewery I realized that one of their fermenters contained more beer than we made in the entire fiscal year” adds Spaulding.

Brewers from each organization have worked together on formulating recipes, exchanging ingredients & ideas, and then travel to the respective locations to brew the beer together. The Vivant/ New Belgium project consists of two different beers. The first was brewed in Grand Rapids and will be distributed through Brewery Vivant’s network. Vivant’s version will be called “Escoffier”, after the French master chef of the same name, and is crafted to go hand in hand with the food-beer experience that is at the cornerstone of what the brewery focuses on. The beer will be deep amber in color and utilize one of Brewery Vivant’s house Belgian yeast strains as well as wild yeast from New Belgium called Brettanomyces Bruxellensis that will blend the flavor of both breweries. A release party is scheduled at Brewery Vivant on the 27th, followed by a Michigan release of draft and their signature 16oz cans. The beer will also be available in  Chicago when Vivant starts distribution there in October.

A second beer will be brewed in Fort Collins and released through New Belgium Brewing’s national network. It will be part of their “Lips of Faith” series, available in 22 oz bombers and draft in November. The style and final recipe is still being developed as the breweries continue to work together.

For more information about Brewery Vivant, check out their website and Facebook.

Source: Brewery Vivant

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