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Brewery Terra Firma

Photo Courtesy Of Brewery Terra Firma
Photo Courtesy of Brewery Terra Firma

Anyone who knows me is aware of my love of a perfectly created craft beer. The growth of craft beer breweries in northern Michigan makes me giddy on a daily basis. Some of my favorites include Right Brain Brewery, Short’s Brewing Company, and now; Brewery Terra Firma. This new brewery is located a short distance away from the downtown district at 2959 Hartman Road (those of you living in The Arbors Apartments are so lucky!) and perfect beer is their only concern. While local snacks will be available, there will not be any meals served at Brewery Terra Firma, but guests are encouraged to bring their own food. Hours are 10am-10pm Monday through Saturday and 2pm-9pm on Sunday.

One truly unique aspect of Brewery Terra Firma is its location and surroundings; the building is on the land that almost all the ingredients going into the beer are grown on. Think of this as the Moomer’s of beer. The hops, elderberry, fruit and nut producing trees, corn, legumes, sage, lavender, and so much more are all grown on-site. Part of the 64 person seating area includes picnic tables outside with a view of the garden where all of this is grown. This brewery is all about making their beer directly from Northern Michigan’s land, even the name “Terra Firma” is Latin for “Solid Earth”.

Photo Courtesy Of Brewery Terra Firma
Photo Courtesy of Brewery Terra Firma

Now for the important question, how is the beer? I had the pleasure of sampling all seven beers that are currently on tap and I can assure you all, they are as delicious as they sound.  Brewery Terra Firma is a result of the vision of brew master John Niedermaier who plans to eventually have 40 rotating beers on tap. He was previously the brew master of Right Brain Brewery, so we all know we have something to look forward to from him. Some of his specialties include the Ancho Chili Dutch Double Chocolate Porter (WHAT) and the Donkey Smasher Imperial Brown Ale. My favorite of those that are currently on tap was the Bee Hive Honey Blonde which is brewed with a buckwheat honey that was produced from a sustainable apiary on Brewery Terra Firma’s farm. The other current beers on tap include an amber ale, an american pale ale, an india pale ale, a black IPA, an extra special bitter, and a porter. I highly recommend a flight of all seven.

Photo Courtesy Of Jennifer Hamilton
Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Hamilton

As Traverse City’s beer scene quickly expands, Brewery Terra Firma is flawlessly standing out to everyone who becomes aware of its presence. Its unique location that allows for most of the ingredients to be grown on-site is so appealing and unheard of that this brewery is bound to be successful. It is safe to say that if you enjoy a great craft beer, you’ll love Brewery Terra Firma, and that’s really all I have to say about that.


Have you tried Brewery Terra Firma yet? Are you as excited as I am to sample the Ancho Chili Dutch Double Chocolate Porter? Connect with Brewery Terra Firma on Facebook and Twitter to find out about new beer releases and where you can spot their beer around town!



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