Brew Tour: Windmill Pointe Brewing Company

Brew Tour: Windmill Pointe Brewing Company

IMG_8257Throughout the state of Michigan, you’ll come across two strong, energetic communities, no matter where you hang your head: bikers and craft beer. From way north, to Marquette, where mountain bikers congregate at Blackrocks Brewery because after any loop around the Noquemanon trail, you’re gonna reward yourself with a porch seat and a quality brew. To Detroit, where you can find an array of people on a sweet summer monday night at Slow Roll, a community bike ride around the city, hosted by Detroit Bike City, that is followed by a party of sorts at a local bar. Now two brothers are in the works of creating the first sustainable brewery in Detroit that will produce Pedal Powered Beer, but first they need your help getting the wheels in motion.

Shawn and Aaron Grose, both home brewers and bike enthusiasts, came up with the idea for Windmill Pointe Brewing Company about a year ago when they wanted to take their brew game to the next level. They knew they needed something more though, with the craft brewery market becoming over saturated in the last couple of years, it seems as if a brewery is opening up every other weekend. So they decided to take their love of cycling and the environment, to decease carbon foot print and produce pints at the same time.

“We are avid home brewers and when we were coming up with ideas for our own brewery, sustainability came up. We knew we could combine wind and solar into the mix to help create less of a foot print, but we knew we could do more. That’s when biking came into play and we started to figure out this was something we could accomplish,” said Shawn Grose.IMG_8254

For over a year now, the Grose brothers have been working with a company out of Arizona called ASE, who manufacture alternative sustainable energy sources and they have been working on what the brothers call “Pedal Powered Beer.” These American made generators, along with solar panels from the Detroit-based company, Power Panel, and wind will help put beer in your glass.

Finding a home for their brewery was a no brainer for these two. Detroit has always been their home and this is where they wanted to pursue their passion. When looking for a location within the city, Eastern Market, one of the countries oldest famers markets, came to mind, and with the Dequindre Cut expansion in the works, bikers will be easily connected to sustainability bliss.

“At one point there were eight breweries located in Eastern Market, that was about twenty five years ago, we want to follow our passion and celebrate being a Detroiter,” Shawn told me.

Now they just need a little help from some friends. Thanks to the wonderful world of crowd funding, Windmill Pointe Brewery has launched their own campaign to get one step closer to their dream. There are some stellar perks, from as simple as $10 to plant your own white pine sapling, all the way up to $10,000, where two Detroit Bikes, bundles of Windmill swag and VIP status are all yours.

“Crowdfunding is kinda like everyones favorite wedding song. First one person gets out on the dance floor, then a couple more come, and then before you know it, the whole party is dancing.”


Check out their Indiegogo Campaign here.