bb2 scaled TC Ale Trail Presents: The Brew Bus

TC Ale Trail Presents: The Brew Bus

Troy Daily wants to do it again; Traverse City absolutely loved the TC Cycle Pub, but now winter is upon us and we are without our beloved, favorite mode of transportation. Daily is hoping to raise $15,000 by Christmas Eve 2013 via the crowdfunding platform,, for the creation of The Brew Bus.

Photo Courtesy of Brew Bus
Photo Courtesy of Brew Bus

Over the past few years, Traverse City and surrounding cities have exploded with breweries producing only the finest craft beer. From his time spent in Traverse City, Daily recognized the need to create a fun way of traveling between these breweries with the TC Cycle Pub. However, winter is upon us and we still want delicious beer without the hassle of driving ourselves between breweries. Enter: The Brew Bus. The Brew Bus has plans to offer all inclusive tours which incorporate brewhouse tours, brewer and owner questionnaires, and of course, sampling sessions.

Daily has created a fundraiser through because he wants to be able to provide the best tours and the most fun as possible aboard the Brew Bus. The $15,000 will be used for quite a few renovations. A new floor is needed, lighting needs to be installed, the seats need to be updated, and some mechanical rewiring needs to take place. Perhaps the most important update that needs to take place, however, is the necessity to upgrade the stereo system. Daily hopes to be able to have a karaoke machine on the bus, which is quite possibly the best thing ever.

Photo Courtesy of Brew Bus
Photo Courtesy of Brew Bus

When people donate to the Brew Bus, they are investing in the community. This bus is a mode of transportation to local breweries and bars, creating the perfect opportunity to stimulate the local economy and support local businesses. The fundraising taking place on is only open for thirty days. When individuals donate $10, they will receive a sticker along with a keychain bottle opener. If someone donates $300, a four hour party bus rental for up to 14 people is earned. Therefore, not only will donating help to continuously put money back into the community, but great, tangible items are up for grabs as well.

To donate and stay up to date with the Brew Bus and how the fundraising is going, find them on Facebook or check out the blurb on the website.

Do you plan to donate to help the creation of the Brew Bus? Would you use the Brew Bus if it was available?

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