IMG 4259 "Big Ben" Risinger joins Team Awesome

“Big Ben” Risinger joins Team Awesome

Hello! I have to say that I am VERY excited to become a member of the amazing Team Awesome. I recently moved to Grand Rapids from Indianapolis, Indiana where I had a new media and TV show called DoItIndy. Basically, Awesome Mitten is a Michigan version of DoItIndy. I love the focus of Awesome Mitten on local, food, drink, entertainment and giving back. A couple months ago, I tweeted back and forth with Alex, the founder of Awesome Mitten, to say hi and see what the group was all about. THEN, I ran into her at Wealthy Street Market in Grand Rapids, we chatted and the rest is history.

I will be doing some cool videos from around the area on sports, culture, BEER and more. I love exploring a new city and have had some AMAZING experiences in GRMI already. I’ve checked out the Grand Rapids Public Museum, ate at Rose’s on Reeds Lake (amazing caramel corn), had a fresh Founders beer, ate the deliciousness of Wealthy Street Bakery, Electric Cheetah and more.

Big Ben hangs out with the Naptown Roller Girls flat track roller derby team in Indy.

By day I am a public relations professional for Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital – I’m in charge of the electronic media and community relations and I teach graduate and undergraduate classes as an adjunct professor for the Indiana University School of Journalism at IUPUI. I love my job and how the hospital does amazing things to restore hope and freedom for patients. I recently married to Slick LaRoo and have two fur babies – Nala the dog and Betty the cat.

Big Ben and his lovely bride Slick LaRoo.
Big Ben and his lovely bride Slick LaRoo.

I leave you with a video from Super Bowl 46 that happened in Indianapolis two years ago. The DoItIndy Top 5 List of events for the Super Bowl – Indy style. I’m rooting for Peyton Manning and the Broncos in Super Bowl 48 today. 🙂

Big Ben and Tolin gave daily updates from the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.
Big Ben and Tolin gave daily updates from the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

In the six months I have lived in the Mitten it amazes me how much things are the same as Indy, but different. I am really falling in love with the city of Grand Rapids and all it has to offer. Once the BIG BAD WINTER is finally over, I will explore more of our cool state  inside and out with Slick. So check back, videos to come and a new perspective of Michigan from a native Indiana Hoosier. Cool videos coming soon.

#MittenLove – Big Ben Risinger

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