Just in Time for the Holidays – Awesome Mitten Crate

Just in Time for the Holidays – Awesome Mitten Crate

Michigan Made Gifts - The Awesome MittenWe’ve teamed up with our friends at Mitten Crate to create “The Awesome Mitten Crate” for Michiganders near and far to buy and gift this holiday season.

The Awesome Mitten Crate has been carefully curated and filled with our favorite Michigan made goodies. Plus, keeping with Mitten Crate’s mission, for every crate that is purchased, three meals are donated to families in need through Gleaner’s.

Wondering what’s instead our crate of Michigan made awesomeness? Check out photos below:

A Limited Edition Awesome Mitten TShirt: You’ve been asking for shirts, and now we’ve got ’em! Wear your Michigan pride with a shirt sporting our fun logo!

Michigan Made Gifts - The Awesome Mitten
Limited Edition Awesome Mitten TShirt

Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee: We’ve raved about this stuff since we first tasted it 2 years ago! Our writer Jennifer says, “There is only one word to describe the taste of the toffee from Dave’s Sweet Tooth: Magic. That’s right, it tastes like magic.”

Michigan Made Gifts - The Awesome Mitten
Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee

Michigan Ice Cube Trays: Do these really need any explanation? Ice cube trays shaped like Michigan equals instant awesome. These have many recommended uses, including jello shots.

Michigan Made Gifts - The Awesome Mitten
Michigan Ice Cube Trays

Noteware Candy Company‘s Michigan Shaped Chocolates: Don’t worry, it does include the Upper Peninsula as well – it just didn’t make it into this picture! Noteware Candy Co is based out of Manistee and produces so many delicious candies, it was hard to pick just one to include.

Michigan Made Gifts - The Awesome Mitten
Michigan Chocolaate – Noteware Candy Company

Ethel’s Edibles Gluten Free Brownie: Since it’s gluten free, it’s practically good for you, right? We kid, we kid. Ethel’s Edibles has many fantastic treats, and all taste like they are full of delicious gluten. So eat this scrumptious brownie, and feel a little less guilty!

Michigan Made Gifts - The Awesome Mitten
Ethel’s Edibles

Will Cole Caramel Popcorn: No Christmas crate is complete without caramel corn! While there are lots of Michigan gourmet popcorn brands to choose from, Will Cole is one of our favorites!

Michigan Made Gifts - The Awesome Mitten
Will Cole Caramel Corn

Limited Edition Coffee Mug: We’re creating a coffee mug that embodies both Mitten Crate and The Awesome Mitten. It’s so amazing and top secret, we don’t have a picture to show you yet!

The Twisted Pretzel‘s Candied Holiday Pretzels: The Twisted Pretzel’s chocolate dipped pretzel rods are one of our favorite Michigan Made sweets, and their holiday version promises to be even better!

Michigan Made Gifts - The Awesome Mitten
The Twisted Pretzel Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Lush Nuts Besides the fact that we giggle every time we say the name, Lush Nuts has a variety of uniquely flavored nuts that are sure to satisfy!

Michigan Made Gifts - The Awesome Mitten
Lush Nuts


To top off this whole package, we’ll be including some Michigan themed postcards. Much like the coffee mug, these will have to be a surprise! But what’s a Christmas package without some surprises?

The Awesome Mitten Crate is $65 with free shipping anywhere in the continental US.  Orders will be shipping for a Christmas delivery, but you must order before December 10th!

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The Awesome Mitten was born when I moved back to Michigan from Nashville, TN in September 2010. Almost immediately, I became frustrated. I couldn’t figure out why there weren’t more Michigan residents singing our states praises! I was so irritated, I wrote a Letter to the Editor. Three weeks later, I had started a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a landing page for the website, determined to do something to make Michigan residents aware of all the cool things going on in their own state. Email me: alex@awesomemitten.com