Christina’s Cakery Takes Home This Year’s Michigan Birthday Bake-Off

Christina’s Cakery Takes Home This Year’s Michigan Birthday Bake-Off

Each year, The Awesome Mitten hosts a Michigan-themed bake-off to celebrate the state’s birthday and the 179th birthday celebration proved to be no different. The entries for this year’s Michigan Birthday Bake-Off were nothing short of yummy and impressive from tiered Mackinac Bridge Cakes to a BaterBee cake stuffed with local Michigan Apples. It’s torture to be writing about a deliciously sugary and decorative cake when the closest thing to sweets around me is a single Hershey Kiss left over from Christmas. I may be knocking on all the contestants’ doors this afternoon to see if any leftovers are available.

Michigan Birthday Bake-Off 2016 - The Awesome Mitten

Although the competition was fierce, the unique style and décor of the cake submitted by Christina’s Cakery took home the winning slice. Upon first glance of the cake, I was in awe of the detail. It’s absolutely stunning icing design, multiple themed tiers, and subtle quirks of Michigan’s uniqueness made it stand out among the many competitors.

Christina began baking in 1988 when her sons 1st birthday was quickly approaching. After failing to find any design she admired in stores, she put on her oven mitts and tried her own. Today, she has turned that hobby into a business that she’s truly passionate about.

The cake she submitted for this year’s Michigan-themed bake-off was styled from her love for Michigan and the beauty and wildlife that surrounds it. Each section of the four leveled cake has a specific theme—Michigan seasons.

Christina's Cakery - Michigan Birthday Bakeoff - The Awesome mitten

Spring is a time of growth, mushroom hunting, and new life in Michigan, which Christina perfectly represented. Summer is all about enjoying the water which is portrayed in the icing, but the inside is dedicated to the tastes of summer with peaches and blueberries. Of course, you can’t think Michigan seasons without the beautiful fall colors we experience each autumn or the flavors of walnuts and cranberries. The outer décor transports us to quiet, colored forests and wildlife. Lastly, our long but lovely winters are represented with a deer trekking through the snow on the edge of a cornfield. Christine was somehow able to represent the serene and whimsical beauty that surrounds us during our many snowfalls through the chilly months.

It may be surprising, but everything on the cake is completely edible besides the deer antlers and tail. Each animal was crafted from Rice Krispies, gumpaste, and pretzels. The trees are white chocolate covered in modeling chocolate and fondant (yum!).

A well-deserved title of Michigan Cake Champ was bestowed on Christina; her masterpiece was constructed with over 34 hours of hard work and submitted just ten minutes before the submission deadline. Talk about dedication for deliciousness!

Congrats, Christina’s Cakery!

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