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    Michigan is obviously awesome.  You know what else is awesome? Burgers.  Everyone loves a good burger (well maybe not vegetarians, but they have their substitutes).  The competition was tough, but this is a decently comprehensive list of delicious choices across this great state.  Go ahead and wrap your Mitten around one of these delectable favorites!

    Logo courtesy Bagger Dave’s

    #1 Bagger Daves
    Location varies, delicious factor does not.
    Contact them.

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    This is not your standard franchise restaurant; the personality of Bagger Dave’s is as intoxicating as the aromas of their fantastic burgers.  You have options. A lot of them.  Not only do they offer turkey burgers and beef burgers, but you can also fill out a form to make sure they get your choices just right.  Bagger Dave’s offers some really great choices already configured for your pleasure, or you can fill out one of their convenient forms to have the exact burger experience you want. Everyone wins.  Burgers aren’t enough? They have their own fancy sodas as well as Sloppy Dave’s Fries. C’mon, try out the Bagger Dave’s near you.



    #2 Brewery Vivant

    Photo Courtesy of Brewery Vivant

    925 Cherry Street Southeast  Grand Rapids, MI 49506
    (616) 719-1604

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    Brewery Vivant makes some truly fantastic beer. We all know that one of the best things to go with a beer is a delicious burger.  They are dedicated to trying to source as many ingredients locally as possible, and strive to create most of their food from from scratch.  This impeccable attention to detail makes for some scrumptious and unique burgers.  Brewery Vivant mixes burger and bacon to create a truly interesting combination of tastes.  Grand Rapids is excited about Brewery Vivant, and you should be, too.

    Want to know more about Brewery Vivant? Alex Beaton, Awesome Mitten’s Founder, LOVES Brewery Vivant.


    #3 Bubba’s
    428 East Front Street  Traverse City, MI 49686
    (231) 995-0570

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    Bubba’s offers variety, that’s for sure. Their menu boasts 18 different kinds of burgers that range from a “Breakfast Burger” to a “Veggie Burger” to a “Double Decker Bubba Burger.”  You can mix it up while enjoying one of Traverse City’s most popular spots for locals and visitors!  On Tuesdays, Bubba’s offers a burger and a beer for $5–it is definitely an awesome deal for awesome food!


    #4 Red Coat Tavern
    31542 Woodward Avenue  Royal Oak, MI 48073
    (248) 549-0300

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    The drinks are strong, there are innumerable beers to choose from, and the burgers are fantastic.  Red Coat has a unique American-British tavern allure while boasting one of the most sought after burgers in Michigan.  You can’t make a reservation, so you may have to wait for this awesome burger.  However, it is worth it, just make sure to try the zippy sauce!  Order a drink, have a burger that is cooked just like it was ordered, and enjoy the experience at Red Coat.

    Photo Courtesy of Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger


    #5 Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger
    551 South Division Street  Ann Arbor, MI 48104
    (734) 663-4590

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    Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger boasts a menu with over 2,147,483,648 different possible burger combinations.  You have to find something you like!  It is important to follow the rules at Blimpy Burger, so make sure to read them before going in for a delicious burger.  The food is so good, it was featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Dine-Ins, and Dives!  The next time you’re in Ann Arbor, make sure to get some onion rings and a burger (double, triple, quad, quint) and enjoy the scene!  Careful though, do you know which one to order first?

    #6 Goog’s
    667 Hastings Avenue Holland, MI 49423
    (616) 546-3422
    Contact them.

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    “Goog” and “Gummy Bear” want to create an awesome burger experience for you!  With 24 awesome burger options, traditional atmosphere, and exceptional service, it is no wonder why people flock to Goog’s.  They have some crazy burgers like “The Fred” (peanut butter and raw onion) and “Dean’s Flying Dutchman” (peppered beef with Schuler’s Bar Scheeze, banana peppers, and potato chips), and the standards.  So if you’re on the west side of Michigan, have a little adventure in your burger!

    Photo Courtesy of Basement Burger Bar


    #7 Basement Burger Bar
    33316 Grand River Avenue  Farmington, MI 48336
    (248) 957-8179
    Contact them

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    Options! Options! Options! At the Basement Burger Bar, they’ve thought about everything. You get to choose your patty: Angus, Bison, Kobe, Blackbean, Portobella Cap, Chicken, Turkey, then you choose from a variety of toppings combinations.  The Burger Bar is exactly what its called, and its awesome!  The bar itself has drink specials every night and is fully stocked with some great beers.  If you want some variety in your burger eating, make sure to visit the Basement Burger Bar!

    Joanna, Feature Writer

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