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Announcing: Ask a Michigander - Awesome Mitten

Announcing: Ask a Michigander

Michiganders have a lot to be proud of, but there’s still a lot to learn about our great state. We’ve all got those burning questions that come up and getting

The Awesome Mitten (Becky DuBois: Author of Still Me)

Becky DuBois: Author of “Still Me”

” Am I going to die?”  The call that changed everything came Memorial Day in 2005: breast cancer. Becky DuBois was just 29 years old, celebrating her second wedding anniversary. DuBois,

The Awesome Mitten (Emily Helmus)

Emily Helmus: Bloom Ferments

Hearing “22 year old Calvin College dropout” isn’t normally what you would expect at the beginning of a success story, but it is. This is where we meet Emily Helmus