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5 Books For The Little Michigander

When you become a parent, it’s your responsibility to educate and instill good morals into your child. For me, a displaced Michigander, that means buying lots of Michigan-themed children’s books

Experiencing Detroit from the River - Awesome Mitten

Experiencing Detroit from the River

Tucked away in the Metro Detroit suburb of Saint Clair Shores is a secret gem that gives a wonderful view of what I call, “home sweet home.”  Nestled away in

Driving Through The D

Currently living in a state where they’re finally increasing the highways to 70mph, when I talk about roads like I-94 through downtown or 696, I receive many wide-eyed looks.  People

Michigan Talk

Mackinac.  Livernois.  Gratiot.  How do you know you’re a Michigander?  You can pronounce these words.  In 1995, a joke by Eric Weaver turned into multiple articles, interviews, and a website,