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Chef's Cut: Real Jerky

Chef’s Cut: Real Jerky

I feel like a lumberjack writing a feature that raves about how great the product behind Chef’s Cut: Real Jerky is, but guys, this is literally the best jerky I

Studio Anatomy

Studio Anatomy

Studio Anatomy‘s event venue has been open for well over a year now, however, they have a very exciting addition that deserves mentioning. In addition to hosting great musical acts



Those who are familiar with Traverse City’s favorite food truck, Roaming Harvest, will delight in knowing it is adding a stationary location.┬áHarvest will be located in the alley directly behind

Party in the Pantry

Traverse City knows food. Our local cuisine attracts people from all over the world. The music scene is exploding and producing some of the most lively, upbeat music that I

H5T and WittPrint 3D: A Perfect Match

After seeing Queen Bee, Alex Beaton, post WittPrint 3D‘s iPhone cases on Instagram, High Five Threads co-owner, Lance Hill, knew that he wanted to carry these in his store. High

A Tourist in My Own Town

Robert Adams and Jaffe Davis recognized a need in Northern Michigan for locals to be able to enjoy all the fine dining and lodging that is available. From this need,

Live Love Michigan loves Life as a Zebra

While at first glance people might think that Live Love Michigan is the same as any other t-shirt company, upon digging deeper, one will be pleasantly surprised by how different

Never Wonder Studio

Although there is security in a full-time job that consistently brings home a paycheck, some people cannot ignore the itch that pulls them from the business world into the creative

TC Ale Trail Presents: The Brew Bus

Troy Daily wants to do it again; Traverse City absolutely loved the TC Cycle Pub, but now winter is upon us and we are without our beloved, favorite mode of

Parallel 45

Northern Michigan is full of great talent. It’s natural beauty allows the creative spirit to present itself in incomparable ways, and Parallel 45 is a theatre company that identifies all

Making Moves on the BATA Bus

The Bay Area Transportation Authority (BATA) reported that in the Grand Traverse area, commuters drive almost twice as much as the national average. Fortunately, locals are lucky enough to have