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Watch Out for Girls on the Run in Kalamazoo - Awesome Mitten

Watch Out for Girls on the Run in Kalamazoo

On May 22, 2014, Waldo Stadium in Kalamazoo was swarmed by thousands of little girls, grades 3 to 5, plus friends, family and coaches. Participants ran, jogged, walked, and skipped 3.1 miles

Brewery of Dreams

On Tuesday, April 15, they just opened their doors. They didn’t Tweet, post a message to Facebook, or call the local news station. They took a hands-off, no fuss approach,

Keep Calm and Oberon

Every March, as Michigan is thawing out from yet another frigid winter, craft beer drinkers have something to look forward to – Oberon. Originally debuted as Solsun in 1991, Oberon

Kalamazoo: For the Ale-Hearted

I love beer; I won’t be shy about it. Give me an IPA in all of its hoppy perfection and I’m a happy camper. With all of the new microbrews