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A (Very Brief) History of Detroit

It’s hard to look at the largest city in Michigan and imagine it as anything else, but Detroit really has come a long way.  From its humble beginnings as a

The Awesome MItten-Itadakimasu! Great Sushi In Michigan

Itadakimasu! Great Sushi In Michigan

Itadakimasu (pronounced ee-ta-da-key-mas) is a Japanese saying, traditionally spoken before a meal, that translates roughly into English as “Let’s eat!”. If you’re looking to dig into some Japanese cuisine, there’s

Michigan Cuisine: Enter the Pasty

If there is a more perfect food than the pasty, I have yet to find it. For those new to this culinary delight, a pasty is a type of Hot Pocket, only

The Awesome Mitten-Cheapest Beer in Grand Rapids

The Cheapest Beer in Grand Rapids

There’s a timeless tradition afoot in Grand Rapids. People get dressed up and go from door to door, looking for treats and doing things they might not want their boss

The Awesome Mitten-Halloween Event Round Up

Halloween Event Round Up

Halloween is one of the hallmarks of fall in Michigan. Whether it’s in the eighties or snowing, there’s fun to be had, be it trick-or-treating for the kids and their

The Awesome Mitten-Urbanwood Project

The Urbanwood Project

In the 1990s, an invasive species of beetle known as the emerald ash borer was accidentally introduced to America’s forests. With the first detection here in 2002, Michigan became ground

The Awesome MItten-Art and Soul Tattoo

Art and Soul Tattoo

A tattoo can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s an artistic representation of some facet of themselves. For others, it’s a way to remember an important person

The Awesome Mitten-Grand River Cigar

Grand River Cigar

I had no idea what to expect. I’ve never checked out a cigar lounge before; no surprise, considering that Grand River Cigar in Grand Rapids isn’t quite a year old.