Posts by: Ashlyn Oswalt

Hello all! I’m Ashlyn and a newcomer to the Mitten state. I hail from Chicago, but moved to Grand Rapids on a bit of a whim and couldn’t be more thrilled with my choice. I spend my free time dreaming up DIY projects (but not always finishing them), exploring the city with my dog, and eating lots of cheese. I’m madly in love with country music and often pretend that I have a shot at being a pro surfer (I’ve never set foot on a board, mind you). My background is in journalism and I have a high interest in sustainability and revitalization, which is really what this state is all about, right? But mostly, I just love the dickens out of everything here and wake up every morning excited for more! If you want more, follow me on Twitter @songonmypalm, although if the sun’s out, you can I’m nowhere near electronics.