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Day 152: ArtUP

Do you make art?  Entry to Britten, Inc.’s artUP is open to all artists of any skill, level or disposition.  The contest is looking for submissions of fine art, photographs,

Day 151: Slingshot Bicycle Company

Slingshot Bicycle Company was established in Grand Rapids in 1982.  The company will be celebrating 30 years of successful business and innovative design in September of 2012.  P.J. McDonald, the

Day 148: The Legend of Dogman

The Legend “A cool summer evening in early June is where the legend began…” Actually, The Legend began as an April Fool’s joke that was played on WTCM in the

Day 147: Good Running Spots

Picture this: cool air with the sun pouring on you, leaves crunching under your feet and not a soul around.  There could be mud, rain, wind or snow, but none

Day 145: National Writer's Series

Surrounded by water and picturesque views, the movers and shakers of the literary community see Traverse City as a real “end of the road” kind of place, muses Doug Stanton

Day 143: Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary

There are alligators in Michigan! Run for the hills! Stay out of the sewers and ponds! Call the authorities! Oh wait…the gators are already in a safe place. It’s known

Day 140: Abrams Planetarium

In 1963, the Abrams Planetarium was founded on the campus of Michigan State University. The planetarium was named after Talbert ‘Ted’ Abrams, a pilot during WWI, who became intrigued by

Day 139: Kahuna Coffee

Kahuna Coffee is not your typical coffee shop.  There is always  warm, welcoming feeling when you walk-in, that you don’t always get everywhere.  Kahuna Coffee was opened in April 2010

Day 136: Spicer's Orchard

  Spicer Orchards of Hartland is a family owned and operated establishment that brings the best of fall to life.  With five generations of farming under their belts, the Spicer

Day 133: Lifer Skate Shop

Northern Michigan is the destination for many adventures, but what it is lacking is skateboard shops—that is besides the awesome Lifer Skate Shop.  The store is the current stand-alone skateboard

Day 132: Ellie's Euro American Grille

Over four years ago when I first came to Berkley as a chef, my first restaurant friends were my Coolidge Highway neighbors, Jonce and Ellie Ilievski of Ellie’s Euro-American Grill.

Day 131: The Detroit Athletic Company

The Detroit Tigers are fighting to win a World Series title this season and once again they’re packing Comerica Park with fans, breaking attendance records nearly every night. Though the

Day 129: The Purple Carrot

With fast-food and chain restaurants becoming increasingly abundant across the country, the amount of highly processed food that many Americans eat is substantial. For those, however, who enjoy fresh, ripe

Day 127: Urban Adventure Race

Question & Answer with Race Director, Mark VanTongeren 1. What is your background? How did you get into races? I’ve been a fairly serious backpacker since high school, exploring many