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Day 205: Sweet Cakes Design

[box size=”large” border=”full”]Enter to win a dozen Chocolate Covered Michigan Cherry Cupcakes![/box] Tucked into a small shopping area of Comstock Park, down the street from the Fifth Third Ballpark in

Day 201: Goody's Juice & Java

For many of the people of Manistee, Goody’s Juice & Java is like an extension of their homes.  Families come to play Scrabble and sip hot chocolate, both high school

Day 200: Sleeping Bear Movie

The Sleeping Bear – official movie trailer from Richard Cameron White on Vimeo. If for even a moment someone forgets how awesome the Mitten is, the director of The Sleeping

Day 199: Morsels Bakery

[box size=”large” border=”full”]Enter to win Morsels! Visit our Contests page![/box] Instead of ordering my own dessert, I’m the kind of person who would rather try a bite of everyone else’s

Day 198: Minty Keen

With Christmas and the holidays literally just around the corner, gift guides, deals, and the like are popping up every where with great ideas and inspirations.  If you haven’t already

Day 195: Downtown Smoking Club

For those who enjoy good company, some sort of hard liquor on the rocks, and an exceptional cigar, there is a one place worth mentioning that won’t involve stinking up

Day 193: Light of Day Organics

When Angela Macke began Light of Day Organics in 2004, the company was called By the Light of day because she admits, “That is when I committed to get work done.”

Day 192: More Michigan

Are you looking for the lowdown on what’s happening outdoors in the mitten? Maybe you are looking for insights on what specific products work best in the state’s unique landscape.

Day 191: James Fry Photography

  [box size=”large” border=”full”]Enter to win an Engagement Session from James Fry Photography!  Visit our Contests page![/box]   “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Most people think of this

Day 188: Ramsdell Inn and TJ's Pub

The Ramsdell Building has been a fixture in downtown Manistee since 1891, when it was built by lawyer and entrepreneur Thomas Jefferson Ramsdell.  (T.J. Ramsdell also built the city’s historic

Day 187: Dave's Sweet Tooth

There is only one word to describe the taste of the toffee from Dave’s Sweet Tooth: Magic. That’s right, it tastes like magic. Handmade with only a few simple ingredients;

Day 184: Marhar Snowboards

[box size=”large” border=”full”]Enter to WIN a Marhar Snowboard! Visit our contest page for details.[/box] The uniqueness of Marhar Snowboards is impossible to deny.  Not only do they support and integrate Michigan-made products,

Day 182: Schnitz’s Deli

Schnitz’s World Famous Delicatessen can legitimately be categorized as a “diamond in the rough” for Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas.  Located at 1315 Fulton St. E, Schnitz Deli can

Day 181: Karen and Darrin Brege

Karen and Darrin Brege are a husband and wife team out of Brighton, Michigan. They are taking the Michigan literature arena by storm.  They have collaborated their talents by writing

Day 180: Global Infusion

Grand Rapids has done an impressive job of keeping environmental advocacy, the support of sustainable and local goods, and the small business community alive.  Global Infusion is no exception. For