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Kahuna Coffee

Day 139: Kahuna Coffee

Kahuna Coffee is not your typical coffee shop.  There is always  warm, welcoming feeling when you walk-in, that you don’t always get everywhere.  Kahuna Coffee was opened in April 2010

Lifer Skate Shop

Day 133: Lifer Skate Shop

Northern Michigan is the destination for many adventures, but what it is lacking is skateboard shops—that is besides the awesome Lifer Skate Shop.  The store is the current stand-alone skateboard

Ellie's Euro American Grille

Day 132: Ellie's Euro American Grille

Over four years ago when I first came to Berkley as a chef, my first restaurant friends were my Coolidge Highway neighbors, Jonce and Ellie Ilievski of Ellie’s Euro-American Grill.

The Purple Carrot

Day 129: The Purple Carrot

With fast-food and chain restaurants becoming increasingly abundant across the country, the amount of highly processed food that many Americans eat is substantial. For those, however, who enjoy fresh, ripe

ArtPrize 2011

Day 124: ArtPrize 2011

For the third year in a row now, Grand Rapids has been the host to ArtPrize.  The ArtPrize event was founded by Rick DeVos, who is an influential social entrepreneur

Lush Nuts

Day 121: Lush Nuts

[box size=”large” border=”full”]Why it’s awesome: A locally made product so delicious that I had to break from my journalistic tendencies and rant about how delicious they are.[/box] There is something

Lu and Carls

Day 118: Lu and Carls

Why it’s awesome:  Lu and Carl’s is one of Brighton’s many great restaurants and bars.  It is a great family restaurant by day and a vibrant part of Brighton’s nightlife


Day 114: Zipments

Have you every wanted to not have to leave your house to get coffee or a newspaper or even a dozen donuts? With the Grand Rapids based company, Zipments, your