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Day 230: Mexicantown

In the shadows of the Michigan Central Station and the Ambassador Bridge on the fringe of downtown Detroit is Mexicantown. Like other major metropolitan cities with small ethnic communities, Detroit’s

Day 228: Horizon Books

Books, magazines, music, authors, good coffee—Horizon Books is a place that has always, “Prided itself on being a person’s third place (the other place people spend time beside work and

Day 226: The Great Fox Brew Ha Ha

The Great Fox Brew Ha Ha, hosted by Clear Channel and 101.3 Fox radio, is about to embark on their fourth consecutive year in production.  On January 20th and 21st,

Day 222: Noteware Candy Company

Even though Manistee’s Noteware Candy Company has only been selling their delicious goods for a couple of years, I’ve been a fan of Tom Noteware’s caramels for as long as

Day 221: GR Hopper

The GR Hopper provides a unique and beneficial service to the Grand Rapids area in offering transportation and a means of safe travel to individuals in the area.  The mission

Day 219: Biggby Bob Fish and Biggby Coffee

With drinks named after bears and others that sound like superheroes, it seems unlikely that a coffee shop in East Lansing would become a multi-state franchise. Even co-founder and CEO

Day 217: Short's Brewing Company

Huma-Lupa-Licious. Not only is it fun to drink, it’s fun to say. Short’s Brewing Company, located in Bellaire, and is known for its amazing craft brews. One of my personal

Day 216: The Establishment

The Establishment, formally known as Monte’s, is located at 438 Bridge St. NW in Grand Rapids.  The Establishment’s grand opening was on November 17th and the bar/nightclub has been very

Day 215: Borgess Run Camp

Each year a team of people (all volunteers) put together an amazing experience based on one thing: running in the winter. No kidding. Borgess Run Camp is run by Blaine

Day 214: Higher Grounds

Nestled in the Grand Traverse Commons community, is Higher Grounds Trading Company, where some awesome things are happening! Chris Treter (Owner and Co-Founder) explains, “We are a mission driven organization

Day 211: Snoloha

Snoloha’s Home & Continued Inspiration A Quiet Northern Michigan Beach Town Building a brand with international appeal around a completely unique concept, along with original artwork in an already crowded

Day 210: Jam by Hand

Quick question: What is the difference between jam, jelly, and marmalade? Don’t know? Me either. And this article won’t investigate that. It will, however, tell you about the delicious jam

Day 209: Oryana Food Co-op

“Oryana is a great community and folks come here to be a part of that energy,” explains Steve Nance, General Manager.  In downtown Traverse City, nestled in between commerce and

Day 208: Madcap Coffee

Coffee shops are the type of hot commodity that takes a real gem to stand out against Starbucks and all of the additional competition.  Madcap Coffee Company successfully holds their

Day 207: Vogue Theatre

When it opened in 1938, Manistee’s Vogue Theatre was a sight to behold with its art deco styling.  It was once home to vaudeville acts, followed by a long run