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The Awesome Mitten- Halloween on Ionia

Halloween on Ionia

Halloween isn’t just for kids this year. Barfly Ventures is hosting an outdoor party revolving around a costume contest, bands, and dancing. “Halloween On Ionia (HOI) will be Michigan’s Largest

The Awesome Mitten - Hoptoberfest


Autumn is coming up fast in Grand Rapids and that means that it’s just about time for the 2nd annual Hoptoberfest! This particular fall beer and music festival offers ticketholders

The Awesome Mitten - Kalamazoo River Valley Trail

Kalamazoo River Valley Trail

Of all of the different ways to enjoy the natural beauty of West Michigan, my personal favorites are walking and biking.  There are several trails and walks available throughout our

The Awesome Mitten - Kalamazoo RibFest

Kalamazoo RibFest

What could be better than sampling delicious food, listening to live music, and drinking a few libations at an outdoor venue in the summer? The annual Kalamazoo RibFest combines all

The Awesome Mitten - Captain Sundae

Captain Sundae

I sat down with Karen Van Dam (owner of Captain Sundae) to chat about today’s category, ice cream shops. Karen purchased Captain Sundae in 1999. But she first began working

Grand Haven Musical Fountain

Imagine a hot summer night while enjoying an ice cream cone or celebrating the end of a great day at the beach, listening to your favorite tunes accompanied by dancing

The Awesome Mitten - Vito's Pizza

Vito’s Pizza

Living in downtown Grand Rapids, there are only a couple independently owned pizza businesses to get a good pie. In my opinion, the best place downtown to fulfill your pizza

The Awesome Mitten-Grandville Fourth of July Celebration

Grandville Fourth of July Celebration

The Fourth of July is always a day of celebration, fireworks, and fun. Every city has their own unique traditions and activities for its citizens to enjoy. Imagine, however, being

The Awesome Mitten-Crooked Goose

Crooked Goose

Are you ever on the lookout for a unique meal that involves locally produced products (and that doesn’t come from a fast-food restaurant)? Look no further than Crooked Goose in Walker, MI.