Ask A Michigander: Did I miss blueberry season?

Ask A Michigander: Did I miss blueberry season?

Don’t worry Michigan,  you did not miss blueberry season. (Sigh of relief).  You can still pick blueberries across the Mitten State! Blueberry season runs from mid- July until the beginning of September, however the peak of the season is the last week of July into the first 2 weeks of August.

Where should you go? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Here are some local farms where you can pick this weekend:

spicerSoutheast Michigan: Spicer’s Orchards: 10411 Clyde Rd, Fenton, MI 48430. Spicer’s also boast’s a winery and soon pumpkin picking! (too soon)?

Southwest Michigan: Brookside Farms Fritz’s Blueberries: 1475 116th, Martin, MI 49078. Jams? Honey? Local produce? Get your hook up right here.

brookside farmsWest-Central Michigan: Post Farms: 12 Mile rd NE and Myers Lake Avenue, Rockford, MI, 49341. Not just for blueberries. Flowers, basil, pumpkins and family fun! Phunny Pharms Blueberries: 4258 50th St Holland MI 49423. Bring your own containers to a place that is well versed in the organic blueberry growing business.

Northern Michigan: Buchan’s Blueberry Hill: 1472 Nelson Rd, Traverse City, MI 49686. Blueberries and homemade ice cream. Enough said. Should I pull the car around?

If you don’t have time for this year because of #MichiganderProblems- school is starting, we are closing up lake houses and putting away boats. Don’t worry, we’ve already got ideas for next year. How about renting your own blueberry bush?

Ask A Michigander: Did I miss blueberry season?

Do you have another question Michigan? What is euchre? Does Madonna’s daughter really go to U of M?  Go ahead! Ask. We aren’t afraid. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and watch for the answer to post on Friday.

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