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Readers, you know I love writing about our Awesome Mitten’s many artists, artisans, and art festivals, but there is one type of art I don’t often get the chance to talk about-the art of style! I was lucky enough to interview founder of Michigan-based personal stylist website, Styleshack, Rachel Schostak, to learn more about this prominent form of artistic self-expression.

The creation of Styleshack was a culmination of Rachel’s passion and drive. Rachel went to college at the Fashion Institute of Technology and has a strong background in retail sales and marketing. Her education provided her with the “real-world” skills she would soon require to run her successful website.

When traveling to new places, Rachel found herself truly inspired by regional fashion and supporting the local boutiques she’d frequent. Seeing a need to connect these small business to each other in a “unique way” and to a wider range of consumers, Rachel took the idea step further by integrating a personal styling system to improve Styleshack customers’ shopping experience. Consumers are invited to take a style quiz to determine their own personal fashion preferences which can be easily referenced when shopping on her website.C600X600-9709289

After months of conceptualizing, Rachel launched Styleshack in December of 2013. Styleshack is based out of Detroit, which Rachel believes has a strong impact on her business, saying that “the platform plays an integral role of informing our growing subscriber list and beyond of the awesome retail bass downtown and the emerging and new shops opening up! We are able to help further the positive message about Detroit’s growth, especially related to retail and fashion” 

Glam-4373221Rachel plans on continuing to add local and regional businesses to the Styleshack repertoire, as well as expanding to include men’s and children’s apparel soon!

Styleshack is a champion for small businesses and the art of style. Not only do I love the idea of connecting local boutiques, especially those in our own Awesome Mitten, to a broader audience, but I love the bevy of stylish apparel options offered for reasonable prices.

P.S. my own style quiz results were spot-on: I am indeed a Glam Madame!

Have you ever shopped on Did you take the style quiz? Let me know your results in the comments below!

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