Announcing: Ask a Michigander - Awesome Mitten

Announcing: Ask a Michigander

Announcing: Ask a Michigander - Awesome Mitten
Photo credits: Kim Eichstead, Jen Oza, and Shelby Smith

Michiganders have a lot to be proud of, but there’s still a lot to learn about our great state. We’ve all got those burning questions that come up and getting the most out of our experiences in Michigan, whether visiting or residents, is important to being awesome.

Do you ever wonder…

When is the best time to buy Red Wings Tickets?

Is Madonna’s daughter really going to U of M?

Where can I rent a paddleboard in South Haven?

What the heck is euchre?

Let’s be real, questions come up about Michigan, so we wanted to create a space for you to get the answers you really want and need. Don’t be shy. Share your Mitten inquiries and we will do our best to answer.

Ask a Michigander. Send your questions along on our social channels or add them in the form below. Look for posts from me with contributions from all of #TeamAwesome. Watch Twitter and Facebook for your answer to pop up every Friday. As always, #mittenlove!


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