amanda1 copy Amanda C. A. Boyer: What Can't She Create?

Amanda C. A. Boyer: What Can’t She Create?

"The Dead Mother." Photo courtesy Amanda Boyer.
“The Dead Mother.” Photo courtesy Amanda Boyer.

Born in Marquette, MI., Amanda C. A. Boyer certainly considers herself a Yooper, but she’s ventured below the bridge and has even lived in Wisconsin. Not only is she a true U.P. native, but she also fancies herself something of a Renaissance woman–and I can’t help but agree!

"Follow the White Rabbit." Photo courtesy Amanda Boyer.
“Follow the White Rabbit.” Photo courtesy Amanda Boyer.

Amanda’s been creating since an early age and recalls receiving a plethora of craft kits and art supplies from supportive family members each holiday. She often entered poster contests, constantly filled sketchbooks with doodles and ideas, and loved using her hands to build, create, and make. Her taste for utilizing any available creative outlet has remained consistent throughout her life but within the last five years, Amanda decided devote her career, and subsequently her future, to this passion.

"Probation." Photo courtesy Amanda Boyer.
“Probation.” Photo courtesy Amanda Boyer.

As previously mentioned, Amanda does not limit herself to one medium. Her choice of tools and materials range from digital illustration and photo manipulation software to glass, stones, and wood, as well as paints and other traditional fine arts media. Her favorite pieces are often mixed-media, such as her glass and stone candle holder, which are then photographed by Amanda and used in self-made advertisements. She favors recycled and natural materials due largely to her constant immersion in the graphic design world.

Of her media choices, Amanda says, “It’s almost a way for me to balance that perpetuation of consumerism with my own…values.”

Amanda is predominantly self-taught but credits lessons from Marquette area artist Jen Pickard and a volunteer job at Artcenter Traverse City for inspiring her to continue honing her skills. She currently attends Marquette’s Northern Michigan University for Graphic Communications and has also studied at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City.

Photo courtesy Amanda Boyer.
Photo courtesy Amanda Boyer.

After recently attending an AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) Head, Heart, Hand Conference in Minneapolis, MN., Amanda says her newly determined artistic goals include promoting “sustainability, reduction of waste, and use of uncommon materials” in order to bring awareness to others the impact we have on the earth. She plans on employing her multitude of creative talents by becoming involved with potential projects in the Marquette area or exploring the design scene in Minneapolis.

Wherever she ends up, Amanda C. A. Boyer is sure to impress!

Amanda can be contacted via email at, Facebook, or Twitter, and is available for freelance and commissioned work.

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