Next year I will be a junior at the University of Michigan, where I am studying public policy through the Gerald R. Ford School. I’m also a passionate admirer of the classics (Greek and Roman) and will be receiving a minor in Latin. I devour a lot of music. Currently The Magnetic Fields can be heard blaring from my headphones. When I first started college, I planned on majoring in English, so I do love to write and read—especially poetry. I am an editor at Consider magazine, a student run point-counter-point magazine at the University of Michigan, and during the school year I wrote a blog for Consider at

Though I was born in Cleveland, I moved to Alpena, Michigan at the age of three and have lived in Michigan ever since. After Alpena, my family moved to Holland, Michigan, where I will be staying this summer.

Michigan has so much to offer, from the great food and entertainment to its stunning natural resources. It’s a big state, and Michigan’s diversity of culture, people, and environment is what makes it an awesome place to explore.