Our internships give unique insights into all aspects of the digital publishing industry with a focus on making Michigan an ever-stronger and more connected community.

We believe the best way to learn is by making mistakes. We encourage our interns to take on projects that they have never done before in order to teach them new skills and gain valuable experience.

We’re lifelong learners. Our executive team is passionate about learning new skills to enhance our company and our personal brands. We try to impart the importance of that to our interns by encouraging conversations around industry trends. We know that you’ll probably teach us as much as we teach you and we’re excited about that.

Type of Internships

We custom tailor every internship to an individual student, ensuring that they are gaining the experience they need to further their careers. We offer a variety of internships within industries such as writing, business development, marketing, public relations, and merchandising.

How We Work:

  • We don’t have a brick and mortar office. Our entire staff, including our interns, work virtually. We believe with the increasing popularity of distributed workforces, this gives interns important experience that they will be able to leverage in the future.
  • We do schedule weekly check-in calls with our interns in order to confirm project management as well as to facilitate the ongoing discussion that will lend itself to the trajectory of your career.
  • Our entire team uses a suite of tools to collaborate virtually: Google Drive, Mobilize, Email and Facebook Groups are our primary inter-’office’ communication tools, while our website is based on WordPress with a host of supporting plugins associated.

Open Positions

Feature Writer

Public Relations/Marketing