Hello Michigan!

My name is Eliza Foster and it is an honor and a pleasure to say that I am a part of the Awesome Mitten staff this summer!  I am a Michigander through and through and therefore I absolutely love the message of the Awesome Mitten; that Michigan is a truly fabulous place to live! I was born and raised in Traverse City (fifth generation Traverse City-ian, woot woot!) and I love, love, love my hometown. Especially in the summertime it is hard to imagine living anywhere else! Although we have gone through hard times lately in this state, I really believe in us. I love Michigan because of its uniqueness, for its diverse landscape (especially the water,) and the wonderful people. I am a sophomore at MSU, studying Journalism and also acting as the Managing Editor of ing Magazine (a student magazine.) I love reading (books about Tudor England are especially wonderful), spending time with my family, traveling!, relaxing on Michigan beaches, exploring the woods, and I am also a big fan of concerts. I am super excited to be a part of something to promote our beautiful state and I hope to challenge you my fellow Michiganders. Why not give Texas a run for its money in terms of state pride? We are the GREAT Lakes state after all.

Email me: eliza@awesomemitten.com

Twitter: @GrayCatz