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The Awesome Mitten | Contributing to The Awesome Mitten: #TeamAwesome Sept. 2015
#TeamAwesome Meetup Sept. 2015 | Batch Brewing Company, Detroit

The Awesome Mitten cultivates a fresh perspective on Michigan by engaging local communities, businesses and people.

#TeamAwesome is comprised entirely of volunteer writers who are passionate about telling stories about their communities. We rely on our writers to keep us informed about what’s happening across this Great Lakes State. Whether you’re a writing student in need of clips for your resume or a business owner hoping to get some coverage, we accept contributions from a multitude of sources in order to keep our content fresh, relevant, and unique!

Learn more about becoming a member of #TeamAwesome:

What kind of stories are you looking for?
We want to feature any “awesome” people, places, events, bands, businesses, et cetera that are Michigan based and/or doing good for our state! Take a look at our website to see our past features – we’ve covered everything from bars, concerts, and festivals to fruit farms, fundraisers and food. We want you to be just as passionate about what you’re writing about as those you’re covering, so be sure that you’re pitching – and writing – stories that you’d read yourself.

What should I keep in mind when pitching a story?
We prefer original content that includes direct quotes, so get in touch with your sources and let them know you want to feature them! We also anticipate that you, as a #TeamAwesome member, will be keeping us apprised of the latest and greatest things happening in your area. Finally, keep in mind that a distinct voice makes for the best story –  this is just as much an opportunity for you to get published as it is for us to have unique content. We do reserve the right to edit every story prior to publication.

How long should my story be?
We love stories of all lengths but like to ballpark 1000 words with at least one photo per 100 words.

Do you need pictures?
Absolutely! If you’re interested in writing a story, we ask that you contribute your own photos as well – whether by pulling them from the source (and attributing properly, of course) or by taking your own.

Does my post need to be original and only for The Awesome Mitten, or can I repost on my blog or another website?
While we love original content, we understand the need for work to be published in multiple places! Cross featured content is acceptable, as long at it links back to the original post on The Awesome Mitten.

What else do I need to know about #TeamAwesome?
Most of our contributors write on a monthly basis. We work remotely, so a high level of email communication is key to our success. The Awesome Mitten is built on the WordPress blog framework, so we all have a level of technical understanding that could be considered higher than the average Joe. Depending on how often you elect to contribute, you’ll be responsible for staying in fairly consistent communication with your editor, reading emails from Alex regarding policy changes and updates, and creating and formatting your stories in WordPress.

How do I get started?
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