I am a recent graduate of Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, where I received a degree in English.  I intend on going to graduate school to get a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing so I can teach at the collegiate level as well as focus on my own writing.  I am in the process of writing my first novel which will hopefully be considered AWESOME by the time it’s finished!

I grew up mostly in Muskegon, but took it for granted.  Then, after spending the majority of my high school years in California, I found myself in Grand Rapids for college.  In the past few years, I have begun to take a great deal of pride in the state of Michigan, and in Grand Rapids in particular.  I have realized that there is a wealth of art, culture, and good food in my city, and the state as a whole.  No matter where I go, I am always amazed at the diversity and awesomeness of our state!

I love that I am able to drive from one cool city to the next, passing by cows and Amish people along the way.  I love that, as a vegetarian, I never go hungry due to the numerous restaurants that accommodate me and the many farmers markets offering delicious and fresh produce.  I love that I have my choice of plenty of venues to go to so that I can see all of my favorite bands, many of which are from Michigan themselves.  I love that there are many great coffee shops where I can get my caffeine fix, while supporting the local economy.  I love that there are hundreds of breweries, distilleries, and vineyards in the state.  Basically, I love Michigan and am still discovering all of the great things that it has to offer!

Email me: chad@awesomemitten.com

Twitter: @theCHtotheAD