Goldenberg Family scaled A Michigander in The Windy City

A Michigander in The Windy City

He still has books that were assigned to him in college! Photo credit David Goldenberg.
He still has books that were assigned to him in college! Photo credit David Goldenberg.

David Goldenberg is a Michigander through and through, despite the fact that he has moved around quite a bit since graduating from Michigan State University in 2000 (Go Green!). He grew up in Huntington Woods, (and shares a hometown with none other than Kristen Bell) and recalls one of the most “Michigan” childhoods “riding [his] bike to Sam’s Market to buy BBQ chips and a bottle of Faygo Rock and Rye.”

David is the kind of person who knows what he wants and keeps his roots close by. During college, he majored in International Relations and Social Relations, and was a member of  several political campaigns, Zeta Beta Tau, MSU Hillel Jewish Student group and James Madison student government. If you couldn’t tell already, he’s definitely a go-getter.

Not long after graduation, and a few years of working on a congressional campaign in Lansing, he decided to chase his dream of working on Capitol Hill and moved to Washington, D.C. to help run a campaign for a former state senator who was running for congress. Despite losing by a tiny margin of a few hundred votes, he didn’t give up, even when he had to “[sleep] on a buddy’s couch while looking for a job.” Eventually, he became a Legislative Aide for Congressman Alcee Hastings, who represented Florida. However, the whole time he was in D.C., Goldenberg missed Michigan and thought for a while that he “was going to stay in DC forever – and if I were to move back to the Midwest it certainly would be to the Detroit area.  Then I met my wife and my plans changed.”


The Goldenberg Family. Photo credit David Goldenberg.
The Goldenberg Family. Photo credit David Goldenberg

These days, David has left DC for Chicago and is now a proud father, husband and Executive Vice President of Resolute Consulting, a national public affairs and strategic communications firm. This means that he and his company help campaigns at all levels of the government succeed through managing their communications, including grassroots organizing, multimedia production and coalition building. If it comes across like a handful, it definitely is a demanding position. When he’s not assisting the next generation of movers and shakers, he’s making memories with his adorable daughter, and tries to “squeeze in a round of golf or watch the Tigers on TV.”

David likes being close to home and is excited for all of the changes and developments being made in the Metro Detroit area. He says that although Chicago was once the place to go for Midwesterners who were looking for a permanent home, ” I have a number of friends who are moving back home to Detroit.  That speaks volumes to the revitalization of Detroit and that people my age are looking at southeast Michigan as a place where they can find a job, a spouse and raise their family.”

In addition to seeing friends moving back to Michigan, David says that in the future, he plans to put down some more roots in the Mitten as well. “I need a cottage on Torch Lake in between Kid Rock and Eminem so I can spend my weekends hanging out on the sand bar and eating burgers at the Dockside. That sounds like fun.”

I, for one, am right there with you, David!

-Anna Schroen



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