Allegan Antiques Market

9 Reasons to Visit the Allegan Antiques Market

As a soon-to-be first-time homeowner, I can’t express the thrill I get after scoring a good deal.

Every penny counts when you’re buying and decorating a house (have you seen the price of furniture lately?!), so it’s important to be strategic when shopping for . . . well, anything, really.

That’s where second-hand stores and markets come in handy–and I’ve stumbled upon one of the best.

Enter the Allegan Antiques Market, located south of Holland at the Allegan County Fairgrounds.

Open on the last Sunday of every month between April and September, this awesome event sets the bar for antique and flea markets everywhere and is one of the absolute best to visit in Michigan.

8 Reasons To Visit The Allegan Antiques Market-[The Awesome Mitten]
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Bowman

9 Reasons Why “Michigan’s Finest Antique Show” is Worth a Visit

The Antiques Market is Gigantic

Because it’s nestled near Michigan’s southwest corner, the Allegan Antiques Market at the Allegan County Fairgrounds in downtown Allegan draws large crowds from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and other surrounding areas.

This includes vendors as well as visitors.

In fact, an average of 400 unique vendors set up shop at every show, so you can rest assured that there will be plenty to see on any given weekend.

Whether you’re a die-hard antiquer or just looking for an excuse to get out of the house, come prepared to spend the day here. It’s worth it when you see just how much there is to see and you won’t want to miss anything.

Allegan Antiques Market

There’s a Vast Selection and Variety

When you encounter hundreds of antique dealers, you’re pretty much guaranteed access to a great selection of products.

Vendors at the market specialize in everything from sports and fishing equipment to vintage jewelry glassware to furniture, and so much more.

Whether you’re looking for Vintage Fiestaware or adding to your postcard collection, the Allegan Antiques Market is the place to start your search.

Case in point: my husband had shopped for months to find a classic, well-made razor. After about 15 minutes of wandering around the Allegan Antiques Market, he found a bucket full of prospects and took home exactly what he was looking for.

A little hunting is required, but nothing major–and totally worth the time.

It’s Located in a Great Venue

Sunshine or rain, it doesn’t matter–the Allegan Antiques Market is set up with several large buildings and covered shelters for both indoor and outdoor shopping.

Duck inside for a break from the heat, or take in a beautiful day as you walk along one of many paved paths.

There are also some great shade trees and places to sit along the way, but you’ll still want to remember your walking shoes (refer to the first item above).

8 Reasons To Visit The Allegan Antiques Market-[The Awesome Mitten]
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Bowman

You Can Shop and Save Money

This may go without saying, but used merchandise is usually a lot less expensive than anything that’s brand-new.

Of course, there will always be exceptions–I’m sure Ben Franklin’s dining room set could fetch a few bucks–but overall, you can find some great deals at the Allegan Antiques Market.

Don’t like the ticket price? You can always haggle. Whether they’ll admit it or not, every vendor usually prices items high enough for a little wiggle room. Simply offer a few dollars lower . . . worst case scenario, the seller will stick to the ticket price.

After all, you’ll never know if you don’t ask.

You Can Always Find Something Unique

Sure, I love Ikea as much as the next person, but so do all my friends.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that when you shop at a popular retailer, your purchases are also likely to be popular (I know at least four people who own this coffee table, and I’m one of them).

Stand out from the crowd and customize your home with one-of-a-kind items, or at least an uncommon mix of items from various decades.

8 Reasons To Visit The Allegan Antiques Market-[The Awesome Mitten]
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Bowman

Visitors Can Brush Up On History

Many of the antique dealers at the Allegan Antiques Market aren’t just experts at exchanging cash–they’re also knowledgeable history buffs!

When I purchased a 1970s Burwood Products mirror, I noticed a label on the front that said the item was made in Traverse City. I asked the seller about it, and she explained that Michigan-based Burwood made special wood/plastic composite items during much of the 20th century.

I was originally drawn to the mirror because of its charming design, but now I’m even more excited to know that I’m adding a piece of Michigan history to my home.

The Market Offers Food Options Galore

Missed lunch because you were too busy shopping?

Never fear–the Allegan Antiques Market has you covered with sandwiches, ice cream, pizza, BBQ, fish and chips, carnival-style food, and that frozen lemonade that everyone flocks to on hot, summer days.

There’s plenty to eat, so no need to leave for a long, drawn-out meal. Just grab a snack and you’ll be back to scouting out those bargains in no time.

You Can Enjoy Some Downtown Shopping

If you find that your superhero powers have successfully led you through every single booth in record time, don’t worry . . . that ain’t all she wrote.

Downtown Allegan is filled with several antique stores for you to browse on your way out, so stop by the local shops and help support a Michigan business or two!

8 Reasons To Visit The Allegan Antiques Market-[The Awesome Mitten]
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Bowman

You Can Go Camping in Allegan

Looking to make a weekend out of visiting the Allegan Antiques Market? You’re in luck because the Allegan County Fairgrounds offers space for tents and RVs.

The Allegan County Fairgrounds has all the elements of a great camping trip: a river, wooded areas, and plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors.

You don’t need a reservation beforehand and the cost is just $20 per campsite/RV for the weekend.

Campers can show up any time after 10 a.m. on Saturday, so you can spend the day enjoying the outdoors and then go to the market on Sunday.

Allegan Antique Market FAQs

Planning a trip to the Allegan Antiques Market? Here’s all you need to know before you go.

Where is the Allegan Antiques Market?

The market is located at 150 Douglas St. in downtown Allegan at the Allegan County Fairgrounds.

How do I get to the Allegan Antiques Market?

Visitors have many options for getting to Allegan Antiques Market. Visitors taking US-131 North can take M-89 into Allegan; visitors taking US-131 South can take exit 222 into Allegan. Visitors coming from Holland, Saugatuck or Paw Paw can take exits for M-40 toward Allegan.

When is the Allegan Antiques Market open?

It’s open the last Sunday of every month from April through September from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Is there a cost to get into the Allegan Antiques Market?

Admission is just $5 and parking is free.

How many vendors are at the Allegan Antiques Market?

When the market opened in 1978, there were almost 200 and the market routinely has more than 400 today.

Plan Your Trip to the Allegan Antiques Market Today

The Allegan Antiques Market has been frequently cited as one of the best antique markets in the state by numerous local and national publications.

It’s not hard to see why because Michiganders and out-of-town visitors alike flock to the market looking for great finds. For anyone who visits frequently, every Sunday is like a treasure hunt!

So make plans to visit the Allegan Antiques Market today! It’s fun, it’s affordable, and it’s a great place to find something you’ve been searching far and wide for or for finding something completely unexpected.

Will you be visiting the Allegan Antiques Market this year? Make sure to share your favorite new-to-you finds in the comments below!


  1. Sorry in advance for my critical comments…
    That “Lack” coffee table couldn’t have a better name, because it lacks any sense of originality, personality or style.
    “…birch effect…” Oh my…

  2. Though if it’s any consolation, I am very appreciative for you reminding me that the market is tomorrow. I’m planning to drive over to Holland for a birthday party anyway and now the GF and I will head over a little earlier and hit the market first. Thanx.

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