3 Reasons Not to Miss the Detroit Summer Beer Festival

3 Reasons Not to Miss the Detroit Summer Beer Festival
Detroit Summer Beer Festival - The Awesome Mitten
Mmm beer (courtesy of TourMichiganBreweries.com)

Michigan is known as the Great Beer State, and for good reason.  According to Drink Michigan, the Mitten has over 100 craft breweries, making us fifth in the nation for the number of craft breweries.  The craft beer industry contributes over $133 million to the state’s economy!  We love craft beer so much that the Michigan House and Senate jointly resolved to name July Michigan Craft Beer Month and Detroit has named June Detroit Craft Beer Month featuring Detroit Summer Beer Festival!

Michigan loves beer and so does Detroit.  In conjunction with Detroit Craft Beer Month, the 2014 Detroit Summer Beer Fest comes downtown to Campus Martius Park on June 20 and 21.  Detroit Craft Beer Month was unveiled in 2013 by Real Detroit Weekly (now Detroit Metro Times) to “promote our region’s thriving craft beer culture.”  In 2013, Detroit Craft Beer Month included events each day at bars, restaurants, and other establishments throughout the metro Detroit area.  With the exception of the Festival, the 2014 schedule hasn’t yet been announced but we’re anxiously waiting for it!

Awesome Mitten- 3 Reasons to Attend Detroit Summer Beer Fest
2014 Detroit Summer Beer Fest poster


Wondering if you should skedaddle over to the D for the Festival?  Here are just a few reasons why you should:

  1. Location. Have you visited the lawn and beach at Campus Martius Park yet? It’s fantastic! In the center of downtown Detroit, the park is 2.5 acres of year-round activity. The park is a truly unique, fun place for a beer festival, regularly hosting the lawn and beach, the park offers food. alcohol, foosball, and musical performances throughout the summer. If this sounds awesome you should check out upcoming park events.
  1. Selection. While the beer list is forthcoming, we understand that the offerings will include, “Over 200 local, regional, and craft beers, 20 you’ve never tried before.” That’s a lot of beer! Choose carefully, though—each festival ticket comes with fifteen three-ounce tasting tokens. Additional tokens will be available for purchase. The Festival will also be offering Designated Driver tickets for purchase in an effort to encourage safe and responsible behavior for both days of the Festival.
  1. Education. New to craft beer?  Don’t know a cask from a bung hole? Don’t be intimidated! Check out the comprehensive DSBF Beer Glossary to brush up on beer lingo before the Festival. Beer festivals are excellent opportunities for novices to learn about beer preferences and experiment.


Awesome Mitten- 3 Reasons to Attend Detroit Summer Beer Fest
Impromtu frisbee & dance party! (Not at beer fest…) Photo courtesy of Bruno Vanzieleghem (Flickr: Bruno_VZ)

Want to attend? Both general and VIP tickets are available online and at Westborn Market locations along with the designated driver add on tickets. A single-day ticket is available for $45 (or $70 for both days). VIP tickets cost $65 (or $110 for both days).

Looking for additional craft beer events around Michigan?  Here are just a few ideas:

The Michigan Brewer’s Guild Summer Beer Festival, Ypsilanti, July 25-26

Ypsi-Arbor Beer Week, throughout Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, August 1-9

Events around the state, courtesy of the Michigan Beer Guide

Are you looking forward to sampling any particular brewery at the Festival? What are some of your favorite summer festivals in the Mitten?

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