The Awesome Mitten - Brewery Vivant

Brewery Vivant’s 2nd Annual Wood-Aged Beer Fest

The city of Grand Rapids and its surrounding metro area have become increasingly well-known for their microbrewery industry. There are beers of all different flavors to suit just about anyone’s taste. One great way to showcase new brews and “old” favorites is through its beer festival. Brewery Vivant, located on Cherry Street, will be hosting their second annual Wood-Aged Beer Fest on Saturday, October 6 2012  from 1-9 pm.

The Awesome Mitten - Brewery Vivant
Photo courtesy of Brewery Vivant.

 Admission to the event is free and tokens, which can be traded for food and drinks will be available for purchase:

  • Tokens will be $2.50 each or bags of 10 tokens for $20.
  • 1 token for a 5 ounce taster.
  • 2 tokens will get you a 10 ounce wood-aged beer or 16 ounce regular draft.
  • 3 tokens for outdoor festival food.

Featured beer will include rare beers, bourbon barrel ales, and the Belgian sours. When asked about which brews might be especially popular this year, Rick Muschiana, Manager of the brewery, said “People go absolutely nutty for the sour beers. It’s a very traditional style that’s starting to see a big resurgence in the beer world. Typically they’re tart, complex, and high in alcohol.” But if sour beer doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry. “With the wide rage available, hopefully there will be something for every palate,” Muschiana said.

“We will be grilling house made duck brats, and probably also have some other items we announce the day of that will pair well with some of the beers,” commented Muschiana.

Although the Beer Fest is only in its second year, Brewery Vivant is committed to making it a yearly occurrence. Brewery Vivant’s amazing variety of beer is uncommon, and the public seems to appreciate it. “Last year’s “attendance was amazing,” says Muschiana, “I wouldn’t be surprised if we doubled last year’s numbers.” This year’s Beer Fest will “have much more beer under our belt to play around with this time around. There may be some similarities, but because of the nature of barrel aging all the beers will be different and unique,” so even if you went last year, it is well worth another visit!

The Awesome Mitten - Brewery Vivant
Photo courtesy of Brewery Vivant.


The best part of the event? To Muschiana, its watching the public trying new beers and enjoying their day. “When people have their first sip of some of these beers, it makes it all worth while to see the reaction on their faces. Many of these beers are unique blends that we will never have again, so they will be sampling some rare brews indeed.”

You will be able to sample the beer in their beer garden, which is outfitted with a tent. Muschiana also stressed public safety by saying “We also encourage car pooling with a designated driver, walking or biking, or utilizing our fantastic public transportation system.”

Brewery Vivant’s festival will continue to grow into the future, as plans to move the event to the more spacious parking lot and adding a stage for local musicians are in the works!

The Awesome Mitten - Brewery Vivant
Photo courtesy of Brewery Vivant.

Brewery Vivant is located at 925 Cherry Street Southeast, Grand Rapids MI. Again, the Wood-Aged Beer Fest will be taking place on Saturday, October 6. See you there!

~Amy Page, Feature Writer

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