Creative Claire: Moore Art in the Mitten

Creative Claire: Moore Art in the Mitten
"Moments," courtesy Claire Moore.
“Moments,” courtesy Claire Moore.

Claire Moore is an incredible and talented artist. She’s been creating for as long as I’ve been alive! I’m her 22 year old sister, Devin and was honored when asked to write this article for her!

"Sister," courtesy Claire Moore.
“Sister,” courtesy Claire Moore.

While I was drawing stick figures with balloon heads, she was rendering properly proportioned bodies that looked like actual people. Claire draws inspiration from any and everything and her skill for creating is noticeably natural. Her favorite medium is pen and paper. It brings her back to when she would draw on napkins at restaurants, where she fell in love with creating originally.

"Heart in Hand," courtesy Claire Moore.
“Heart in Hand,” courtesy Claire Moore.

As she progressed as an artist, Claire was drawn to graphic design. She loves how it allows her to create and communicate ideas for others with so much creative freedom. From digital to traditional media, printmaking to animated graphics, photography to hand-written typography, Claire enjoys experimenting with whatever means are available to convey a message. The challenge of design is one of her favorite aspects – whether working with clients or determining the best way to create a promotional advertisement, graphic design is full of challenging moments.

Claire will be graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Graphic Communication this spring from Northern Michigan University, where she currently works as a student graphic designer and webmaster. She has been designing both in school and for freelance clients for over seven years and is excited for her future designing endeavors.

"Happy Accident," courtesy Claire Moore.
“Happy Accident,” courtesy Claire Moore.

Her most recent success is a month-long solo art exhibit at Ore Dock Brewing Company in Marquette, MI. The exhibit will showcase her most recent body of work, a series entitled “Contro//ed Chaos,” and features pieces that are very fluid and quirky. Brightly colored with hand-picked quotes and poem excerpts, the pieces were created with a poured acrylic technique and hand-painted text. The show starts March 7, 2015 and will run through the end of the month.

"Like Sunbeams," courtesy Claire Moore.
“Like Sunbeams,” courtesy Claire Moore.

Claire is currently constructing her personal website but her art and designs can be viewed on her Tumblr or Dribbble. If you’d like to chat with Claire about art, design or other creative endeavors, she can be contacted through her LinkedIn page. Claire’s entire breadth of work is beautiful and a pleasure to see. I’m so very lucky to call this talented woman my sister!